Project 1 Notes Cont...

-ultra sonic receiver and KHz translator

-turn headphones into bone conduction headphones

-ultrasonic detection device

-build your own bat detector

-another bat detector

-bat detector kit and manual

Project 1 Notes


Week 5 Update

This week we discussed more on how to code with the Arduinos.
And I made some changes to what I'd like to do for a project. I initially wanted to make a temperature regulating vest, but I think it would be more fun to create a device that uses bone conductivity to transmit audio received through a microphone. I want to be able to pick up auditory wavelengths too low or high for the human ear to hear, and change them to scooch them into the realm of sound that we can perceive.

Here was my initial project idea:

And here's my new project idea:

As well as my notes from class:

Week 4 Update

Today we're working on an LDR (or "photocell") project.

We could directly connect the LDR to the Arduino, but since ever machine creates "noise" it would be more effective to add an extra 10K resistor to help reduce the "noise".
We will be comparing the voltages that are coming in due to the resistor.  The "real skill" here is learning to match the schematic to the real-life components.
We'll be using the "Fritzing" program to create a virtual design of the project first before creating the actual physical project.

Here's my "Fritzing" diagram I created:

Here's the "real-life" version of the project:

Now we'll add more components to show an output, by adding and LED.
Here's my "Fritzing" diagram for the addition of the LED and another resistor:

And here's the "real-world" version:
I uploaded the code into Arduino and sent it to the device, which told it to change th…

Week 3 Update

It was MLK day on Monday, so we only had one class day this week. We discussed various Arduino topics, like some of the programming language, what we would need to order -parts wise-, and where to order from:,,,, and ~probably~ Amazon.

Project 1 Notes.2

I found this awesome heating/cooling jacket on instructables that I might want to try attempting instead. Just to make life more complicated haha

Other Ideas:
bone conduction speaker that can pick up lower and higher frequencies

Physical Computing 2

I found this really interesting "Interactive Glowing Mushroom" project. It shows you the steps and materials needed to create a cluster of glowing mushrooms that turn off and on when touched. It is created using the arduino uno. Things needed: A breadboard; A perf board; 5 LEDs from a neopixel LEDstrip; 5 pressure Sensors; A light sensor; A 470Ω resistor; 6 resistors of any value; Stiff wire (non-conductive!); Transparent silicone sealer; Watercolour paint; Cling film A tree log; A drill; A chisel and hammer; Wires in several colours; Electrical tape; Other, strong tape; Hot glue; Shrink tube; A heat gun; A soldering station; Pliers; tissue paper; A steady hand and a lot of time and patience They used a pressure sensor hooked up to an Arduino uno. When the sensor is activated it turns the LED inside the mushroom on or off.