Instructables Page

Here is my Instractables page for the Ultrasonic Bone-Conduction Speaker Gun

Week 10 Update

During this week we've been discussing our next project. We're focusing more on the art realm for this one while still incorporating arduinos. I came up with a pretty simple design that involved a frame with streamers hanging down and fans that would blow them when activated by a heat sensor.

However everyone thought that was a bit too simplistic and wanted me to think more outside of the box. The requested that the piece had more interaction with the observer. So I recreated the project, but this time I forced the observer to become part of the piece in order to interact with it. 

Some research for my project:
I will be using a temperature sensor and plan to "sandwich" it between two metal plates to help with heat conduction.

Week 9 Update


I got to kiss a moose

Week 8 Update

We discussed who our artist presentations would be, I chose to research the Survival Research Labs. They seemed the most interesting to me with all the crazy and scary stuff they were making.

Week 7 Update

Week 6 Update